8 Tips to Grow Your Business Using Social Media


I found this article really interesting because it views social media as something that’s vital to growing a business sucessfully – not something that’s optional.

It provides different ways of incorporating social media into a business model to expand a business’s audience and online presence.

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Social Media for Business: 2016 Marketer’s Guide


This article discusses the benefits of using social media in business. It addresses how each platform runs, what audience they reach, and how different forms of social media can benefit businesses in different ways.

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Social Media Has Taken Trash Talking to the Next Level


I find this article about Twitter interesting, especially since we just did an assignment using Twitter. It talks about how Twitter is so often used now to bash people and promote hate rather than it being used as a place where people can speak to each other online in a positive and meaningful way. This article demonstrates the negative uses of social media, which are important to look at as we typically tend to focus on how social media can positively benefit us.

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How Social Networks Impact Your Job Search

When I came across this article, I thought it was important to share with the class as many people are beginning the job search. With social media so prevalent in our every day lives, it is necessary that we educate ourselves on how to properly market our online persona.

The article outlines five important points to consider when using social media: 1) Know your social identity, 2) Scrub the social media pages that are yours, 3) Keep tabs on your pals, 4) Fine-tune your privacy, and lastly 5) Be active on the platforms you’ve committed to. While these instructions seem obvious, our generation tends to use social media in a very informal way by posting photos that are not entirely appropriate for a potential employer to see. It is important to be considerate of your current online presence and make changes before embarking on your job search. Just as we study the online presence of businesses, those businesses may study our online presence as well.

On the other hand, a non-existent online presence can be a turnoff for future employers as it could indicate a lack of knowledge regarding technology and the online world. In all, it is important to take notice of your online presence.



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Why Content Matters: Understanding the New Approach to Commerce


In the article above, the importance of content marketing is proven to be why so many new businesses are so successful. In the day of social media, content is thrown at users on a constant basis. Whether on Facebook, Instagram, news websites, or just searching on Google, content is always there and since so much content is out there, businesses need to find a way to make their content stick out.

Customer’s attention is like that of a seconds clock, constantly going to the next thing. Therefore, businesses need content that retains customers attention and even convinces them to come back.

“It is estimated that 76 percent of marketers will produce more content in 2016. B2B marketers are also more interested in creating more effective content and want to know more about visual content, repurposing and how they can tell better stories.”

The better the content, the better the performance. The article gives a few reasons why good content improves performance. First, good content attracts customers. I am personally way more likely to come back to a website if I felt the company had a strong knowledge for what they were selling. For example, it is as simple as Amazon. On Amazon, a size chart and reviews are provided for each product. These two pieces of content create trust in Amazon for not just having me blindly order. Another reason is that “Good Content Provides Growth.” There are so many websites out there saying the same thing, so if your website can find good enough content to be different than customer base will continue to grow. Not only that but through WOM other customers will hear about the uniqueness of the content and become a customer as well.

Key Finding: “Content marketing experts estimate that leaders in the world of content marketing experience 7.8 times more site traffic than non-leaders.” CONTENT IS KEY!

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10 Important Traits Brands Should Emphasize In Campaigns And Social Media

I thought this article was very relevant to our final project. As took on the role of social media strategist, it was important that we highlighted important components of brand that spoke to consumers. This article lists 10 qualities that campaigns should emphasize in social media and campaigns. One trait that is appears on the list is storytelling. When working on the campaign, one of the most challenging things was being consistent with the brand over all the different types of platforms. This is due to the fact that each platform has different functions. However, through the act of storytelling—painting a picture of your brand to the audience, allows you tap into the consumer’s emotions and share the meaning of the brand. I found implementing storytelling to work the best for our campaign and help build our brand. Yet, there are many other traits on this list that are also important for strategists to consider when launching new successful campaigns.


10 Important Traits Brands Should Emphasize In Campaigns and Social Media

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The Biggest Marketing Trends in 2017


I came across this article and found it to be very insightful and interesting. In continuing our discussion of the future of marketing, this article elaborates more on what specific trends are expected to make it big pretty soon. Creating campaigns and conversations focused on shared experience seems to be one way that will continue to remain effective in engaging consumers. A message that is “human-centric” will be most powerful. This article focuses on the 8 biggest trends one should expect to see more of in 2017. When I began reading the list, I found some trends I did not recall discussing and seemed to be very interested in learning more. Holding the #1 spot is the trend focused on “the gateway drug,” Native Marketing. Following behind at #2 is Content Marketing; at first one may confuse this technique with the previous but with more research you will know there is a difference. As discussed in class, livestreaming video and visual storytelling are high on the list to begin making a larger appearance in future marketing efforts. (We already see experimentation occurring in some well known social media platforms.) Expect to see more of chatbots, media with expiration dates, and marketing autopilot as well. Check out the article to find more details and information about what to expect in the (very) near future!

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Clever SEO Tacti by Ikea

I found an interesting article about Ikea’s new tactic to naming its product. Ikea is starting to name products based on popular key word google searches. For example, when someone searches “my husband snores,” a result will appear to purchase a specific small couch from Ikea. I think this is a very funny and clever use of keyword search and SEO. The new names will ultimately move Ikea up in the category of these search terms and help sales.


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The Top 7 Social Media Trends That Dominated in 2016

This article reflects on the popular social media platforms over the past year. The social media world is changing ridiculously fast. The addition of platforms every so often can make it more difficult (or easier) for marketers to get their message across to their targeted audience.

Social media digital marketing is all about finding out which strategies work best for you. There are different types – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, SEO – that can be used in a campaign strategy, however not all types work the same for every company. This article wraps up our class discussions perfectly. Digital marketing has many techniques, but a marketer must look at the trends to see what will work best.

Author Jayson DeMers touches on the 7 social media trends that dominate in 2016. The first is Live Video. This relates to the viral videos that we worked on for the first project in this class. This is an easy and effective way to intereact with others.

The second is stories. Snapchat stories and Instagram stories help marketers reach an audience effectively as well. This is like storytelling in social media marketing, and brands are starting to see “killer results.”

The 3rd trend is mobile optimization. Optimization for these mobile apps – like Instagram and Facebook – is increasing. DeMers says, “Google continues to increase mobile optimization with features like accelerated mobile pages.”

Social commerce and advertising is the next trend. New advertising options have been developed on various social media platforms.

The 5th is echo cambers and influence. Not a new tool, but has been used increasingly more than in the past. With the amount of content on social media feeds, it was difficult for consumers to find what they wanted to see. Now, this technique is a system of user engagement that ranks news stories related to what the consumer has looked at in the past. This technique also, “creates a kind of echo chamber that limits individuals’ exposures to opposing views or new information – which, during an already contentious election year that included a deluge of fake news that was perpetuated as long as it fit with users’ beliefs, resulted in significant controversy.” Facebook and other social media platforms are increasingly using this technique to keep their consumers engaged. Google has also already take steps to discourage fake news by requiring advertisers to pay for it.

The 6th trend mentioned here is fun and games. Apps are continuously updated to remain fun for their users. By continuously changing these apps, users are more engaged and want to stick around to use them.

Finally, the last trend discussed here is the rise of chatting. Social media platforms continuously are changing allowing consumers adding messaging features so that consumers can “chat.”For example, Snapchat is growing in popularity and the most recent feature is that consumers can chat through the app. You can reply to snaps, or you can message “friends” normally. This unique experience is drawing people in to these apps that have this feature.

From looking into these trends, I can only imagine what 2017 has in store. These trends will continue to grow, apps will continue to update, and ideas will continue to form. Social media isnt going away – it’s just getting started.


The Top 7 Social Media Trends That Dominated 2016, Author: Jayson DeMers



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Police Use Social Media to Catch Criminals

Today, social media is everything. In class we focused solely on social media benefits for the marketing world. These platforms are powerful in all areas. It is now being used to help police officers catch criminals. The amount of footage on social media allows police officers to track these criminals down. The article posted by Fox19 shares that police are getting information from Facebook and MySpace. Specialist Dawn Keating shares that people share a lot of personal information on their social media platforms that allows officers to use this as a way to get ahold of criminals.

Fox19 shares that in 2008, Keating used social media to help police in Cincinatti break up a street gang fight. By simply going onto Facebook, officers on this investigation were able to look up the members of the fight and follow this information back to track them down. People are sharing too much information on social media platforms which allows this capability. Taking the information from Facebook, the police officers put together a database for that gang investigation and others to follow.

Police officers have recently been going to court to force social media platforms to share any additional information they may need for a crime. In this article by Fox19, it states “legal analyst Mike Allen says the right to privacy doesn’t extend to Facebook.” There is no expectation of privacy when someone posts something on Facebook.

As stated previously, social media platforms are taking over our universe. The social media world is growing rapidly. Once information is posted on these sites, it is no longer personal. We learned that the information on these sites is endless and this article addresses the power of social media in other areas.

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