Promoting your Youtube video

Here are some great ideas on how to promote the video project. I think it is worth a read before you post it to Youtube. The article talks gives tips on how to name and tag the video.

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Sriram Krishnan Joining the Twitter Team

It just came up in my news that Sriram Krishnan is going to start working at Twitter. In the past, he worked for Snapchat Inc., and Facebook. I am very curious how he will use his knowledge from two very big and popular companies to help revamp Twitter.

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Twitter Analytics

There is an option for “Twitter Analytics” on twitter that shows how many profile visits and tweet impressions etc. your account has!

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50 Free Ways To Increase Your Twitter Followers

Found it really useful to increase followers.

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VW Brings its King Kong Ad to an Instagram Scavenger Hunt

This is an interesting article about how VW made an Instagram scavenger hunt based on an ad they had previously released on their new red Tiguan.  Interestingly, they kept the scavenger hunt ad-free but paid for ads that directed people to the scavenger hunt page.

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Hi everyone!
Welcome to the blog for MKTG4250 – Social and Online Marketing (Fall 2017). Throughout the semester we will be using this forum to exchange links, videos, ideas, etc. that are relevant to the class. I encourage you to post any content related to online marketing and social media that you find interesting. More importantly, I encourage you to comment on the content posted by others in the class. The goal of your posts should be to enhance the learning experience, and exchange ideas that we might not have time to discuss in depth during class. Please remember that as with in-class participation, quality will be valued over quantity.
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