Case Studies of UnderArmour, Coca Cola, and Geico

UnderArmour has been particularly successful in its social media marketing through creating an in-depth fitness blog and apps that users happily look to.

Geico provides a hefty amount of information on the ins and outs of insurance as it steers you to its infamous gecko.

Coca-Cola does a very good job furthering its click-through rate; its goal in social media marketing is to direct you to its website to learn more about the product and its benefits in your life.

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10 Laws of Social Media Marketing

I enjoyed this article that talks about the 10 laws of social media marketing. Some of the most important points I think this article makes is the law of focus and acknowledgment. The law of focus is critical because it is important to specialize instead of casting a wide net and not satisfying everyone. If you specialize, you have a better chance of interacting and connecting with a specific group of customers, which will be more successful. The law of acknowledgment is significant because if someone reaches out about a question, and the company does not answer promptly with a satisfying answer, it could hurt the company and their brand.

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Videos keep getting more important in social media marketing

Every day I look at my Facebook’s Home, and I have realized that people keep sharing videos much more than before. I keep getting ad videos or I get ads in between interesting videos of cooking recipes or others. I was thinking that almost a year ago, pictures tended to be more common, but now everyone is sharing videos. I decided to search and I found an interesting article. It says that “Webdam reported that 79% of Internet traffic will be video content by 2018, and posts with videos get 3x the number of inbound links than plain text posts.” (Krasniak, 2017).  It also shows how brands are using live videos, which helps them to reduce costs as no one expects a live video to be perfectly polished and of an excellent quality. However, videos obviously must have interesting and useful content. It seems that this new trend is a great opportunity for companies, as videos can give a lot of information and may be funnier and more engaging than written posts.  This article gives insights about other topics of visual content in social and online marketing, so it is worthy to read.

References: Krasniak, M. (2017). Visual Content and Social Media Marketing: New Research. Retrieved from

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How to Make a Video go Viral on FB

Since my group, like many others, used Facebook as their main source of gaining views on  the viral video, here are some ways to make a video go viral through Facebook.

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Facebook launching explore feature!

New feature coming to Facebook similar to Instagram’s popular page. This is a great tactic to further engage with consumers and provide them a catered experience that fits their interests.

What do you guys think about this?

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Interesting Article on Social Media Marketing Challenges

“‘Likes Lead to Nothing’ And Other Hard-Learned Lessons Of Social Media Marketing”

This article talks about how marketers have increased spending on social media marketing by 200% over the past eight years, and that spending will only to continue to increase. Before reading this, I had never thought about the ROI in social media marketing. I found it interesting that almost half of the CMO-survey respondents reported that they were unable to show the impact of social media marketing.

I think that this article is both relevant to our class and important to read for anyone who is interested in social media marketing because it highlights both common failures in social media marketing and ways to market on social media successfully. In my opinion, the most important thing to take away from this article is that it is important to be authentic when social media marketing and stay on target with your brand and audience, rather than simply trying to rack up likes/views.

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Going Viral On Youtube


Even though we all can’t go back and reshoot our videos, but here are some tips about how tags can make more people access your videos. Hopefully, this helps some of us become Youtube famous!

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Influencer Houses

I came across this article about how influencer marketing is evolving and firms are now specializing in this type of marketing. Influencer marketing is the use of individuals with a large social media following to market products, especially consumer goods.

This summer I worked at a PR agency and one of my tasks was to identify and communicate with influencers that would be a good fit to market one of our clients. In my opinion, this was a very efficient and targeted way to guarantee our products would be seen by potential buyers.

This article talks about the concept of an “Influencer House”, coined by Jonathan Long, the founder of blerrp, an influencer marketing firm. He will be inviting influencers to a South Florida, where they can stay free of charge. In this house, there were be many opportunities for content creation. Should be an interesting project to keep up with.



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How to Benefit from Twitter Analytics Data

This is a great article to learn about how to use Twitter Analytics to benefit and monitor either a personal account or a company account. Learning how to use this tool now could really help if you are ever presented with the opportunity to run a twitter page for a company. These 12 tips are very easy to understand and comprehend due to the examples and explanations.

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How to make a viral video

This is a clip from one of my favorite TV shows, Nathan for You. The show revolves around Nathan Fielder, a business “expert”, offering “advice” to struggling businesses on how to improve their business.

In this episode, Nathan works with a petting zoo. Nathan’s strategy is to create a viral video involving two animals from the petting zoo in order to attract more visitors. His reasoning behind this was that people won’t go to this particular petting zoo unless there was a good reason to. Seeing a “hero” animal who went viral would be that reason to go to this petting zoo over others.

As you can see, the clip was a hilarious attempt at making a viral video.
I definitely would recommend this show, but not using this technique in making a viral video.

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