7 of the Most Impactful Digital Campaigns of 2017… so far


This semester we have talked a lot about what makes a video go viral. These digital campaigns have all gone viral and made an impact on society in 2017. My favorite one of these campaigns is the Heineken social issues video (second one in the article). Heineken shows consumers that it is okay to have differences from one another, and it is still possible to get along. 2017 has been a year full of hatred amongst strangers and people who are different from one another. So many men and women of different statures have been shamed or attacked and are taught to dislike and disregard people of different beliefs. Heineken uses their platform to bring people together. This digital campaign also caused me to wonder if it would have had the same effect if it had been produced in America. Is #OpenYourWorld something that Americans would be receptive too, or has our judgment been too far clouded?

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  1. I hadn’t seen the “Be The Guy” campaign before, but it is a really interesting one too.

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