Algorithms, Advertising, and Consumer Behavior on Snapchat

Snapchat Is Taking a Page From Facebook’s Playbook to Grow Into a Bona Fide Social Media Platform

Discussed here is an interesting development in the world of social media. Snapchat, forever competing with Facebook for both consumer attention and advertiser’s dollars, is adjusting its algorithm to be more like Facebook’s. Soon, it will feature a news feed that suggests content, such as specific stories and snaps, based on what you have previously viewed.

A clear concern is that of Facebook’s mom dilemma. If my mom or another relative is my friend on snapchat, and she watches my story, will my story then only be showed to other relatives? Snapchat says it solved this problem by designing its algorithm to be based on your views, not the views of your friends. But, does that mean if my mom posts a lot of stories, and I usually watch them, will she always be the first to appear in my news feed?

This article also discusses the potential benefits of the news feed to advertisers, although the exact benefits remain unclear. Overall, Snapchat still lacks a way in which consumers can directly respond to ads they are served. Still, the ads on Snapchat, especially the extensive content on the Discover page, appear to me to be the best example of online advertising. I cannot think of any other ad that has engaged me the way the Discover stories do on Snapchat. Currently, I think they have the best platform for native, non-annoying advertising. If they can break the barrier of direct response, they will hit the advertising jackpot.

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  1. They claim that the algorithm will be more similar to Netflix’ than Facebook’s. However, it remains to be seen how well it can predict users’ actual preferences.

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