Another example of a simple viral catch phrase

Backtracking a bit in terms of what we are learning in class, I came across an article about how a simple catchphrase can go viral.

Above is a link to a new Bud Light campaign. The people in the commercial say “dilly dilly” every time they ‘cheers’ while drinking Bud Light. Those who do not bring Bud Light to the king are shunned and get taken away by the guards and sent to ‘the pit of misery’.

While it may seem simple and too good to be true, I have seen “Dilly Dilly” be used first hand by my friends as well as seen it online used by famous people such as athletes.

Bud Light came up with a simple catchphrase that people can use and share in a happy setting. Saying “Dilly Dilly” in a medieval accent like the video above has turned into a revolution. Good job, Bud Light.

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3 Responses to Another example of a simple viral catch phrase

  1. jstein6 says:

    It reminds me of the “Wazzzupppp” trend that happened years ago. I just looked it up and that was also created by Budweiser. I think it’s a pretty good way to get people talking and should bring positivity to the brand.

    • Eli Engelman says:

      Good memory. Actually at the bottom of the link I posted was a clip of the original “Wazzupp” campaign. Another very successful viral campaign from a great company.

  2. As we saw in class, Budweiser has been great over the years at creating ‘viral’ content that people want to watch and share.

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