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6 Great Social Media Campaigns After just finishing our final project on social media campaigns, this was an interesting article to see about some of the best campaigns in 2017. The article explains why they were successful and how they generated a response.

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10 Social Media Trends to Prepare for in 2018 This article talks about a number of different social media trends that will impact users in 2018. It suggests that features like video streaming and virtual reality will be developed, brands will utilize the newer forms of social media … Continue reading

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Do Page Likes Still Matter On Facebook? This article relates to what we have been talking about in class regarding Facebook and what a Facebook like means. The article provides details about the evolution of the like and how over time certain features have been adapted. … Continue reading

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Basics of Paid Advertising

Understanding the Basics of Paid Advertising Online I found this article that talks about the different benefits of paid advertising. Paid advertising offers a way to increase a company’s brand awareness and target the “right” customers. This article also breaks … Continue reading

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Why Word of Mouth Marketing is the Most Important Social Media I really enjoyed this article about Word of Mouth Marketing. It goes into detail on why companies need to focus on this strategy of marketing and not ignore these conversations that are happening. Companies are often too worried about … Continue reading

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