China defends state control over internet at technology forum

I believe this article is very relevant to the current net neutrality debate that is happening. China has held strict government regulations over their internet and is in favor of each country having their own sovereignty when it comes to internet regulation. As the article states, “Over the past year, China has vowed to eliminate virtual private networks (VPNs), the technology that allows people inside China to access platforms on the global Internet that have been blocked by Chinese censors, including Google, Facebook, and many of the world’s largest English-language newspapers.”

This is a scary vision for the internet globally. A beauty of the internet is the availability and accessibility to all individuals. It would be very scary if the government could control what information we can share with each other.

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One Response to China defends state control over internet at technology forum

  1. This goes back to what we discussed in class last week. There is an interesting question about what the internet as a whole will look like over the next decade. Will it continue to be an open and somewhat chaotic place or a much more controlled and regulated one? Each of these options has both pros and cons.

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