Chobani Undertaking a Brand Redesign

Chobani is undertaking a redesign to stand out among several yogurt brands. The yogurt aisle is apparently a sea of “sameness” so Chobani is looking to create a new packaging that stands out. Chief Creative Officer, Leland Maschmeyer, describes the new packaging as “enchanting” and “sprinkled in fairy dust.” I think Chobani is making a good move by branding in this manner. It brings a positive feel to a light snack and differentiates them among the yogurt aisle. We will soon see if the designs are as good as they want them to be.

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One Response to Chobani Undertaking a Brand Redesign

  1. dvandeer says:

    This is such a coincidence because just yesterday, I opened a Chobani yogurt, and under the lid, it said the exterior may change, but the inside will never change. I think this is such a smart strategy because it is getting its customers ready for a change while reminding them that the yogurt is going to be the same.

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