Do Page Likes Still Matter On Facebook?

This article relates to what we have been talking about in class regarding Facebook and what a Facebook like means. The article provides details about the evolution of the like and how over time certain features have been adapted. It also talks about how the meaning of a like has changed and is no longer as valuable as it once was.

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5 Responses to Do Page Likes Still Matter On Facebook?

  1. Eli Engelman says:

    This is really interesting, Janine. It’s interesting to see how the value of a “like” decreases over time. You would think it would act as strong as a marketing force such as word-of-mouth because it is an affirmation from one of your friends, but sometimes it ends up doing more harm than good.

  2. As we saw in class, due to the limited organic reach of page content, likes mainly work as a targeting variable and not as a source of organic interactions.

  3. pmorton says:

    This is interesting to me, especially because on my Facebook page I have many old page likes that are now irrelevant. When I find a new company or place I like, my first instinct isn’t to like the page on Facebook, which is something that I did years ago.

  4. jstein6 says:

    It’s scary that a computer can predict your “psychological make-up” better than friends, family, or even a partner just based on Facebook likes. I wonder how much companies are willing to pay for our psychological and demographic information that we practically give out online.

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