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Good morning! Here is an article on Forbes, written by Lewis Howes, talking several tips regarding going viral on YouTube. He suggests that while videos may have the chance to go viral unintentionally, this San Francisco-based advertising agency called Mekanism can also help videos become viral. Mekanism believes that people are more likely to encode a message when they are being entertained. Furthermore, going viral is an on-going process, and people should be in constant effort in making the content become popular. The weakest strategy to follow is to “post and pray,” which is when people post their videos online and simply wait/hope for them go viral -without putting any extra effort on spreading the word. Ultimately, the key to become viral is to find the right people and platform, with a constant effort to attain viral a result.

Having read this article encouraged me to consider several points made in this article when trying to make our video go viral. I also got to learn about a new online marketing agency, Mekanism. By writing this, Howes engaged in online word of mouth advertising, highlighting the abilities of Mekanism.

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  1. As we discusses in class, post and pray is a terrible strategy. This article gives more ideas on how to avoid this pitfall.

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