How Online Marketing is like Online Dating

This article highlights how many important elements of online marketing are similar to online dating. I thought this article would be useful for the class to read as we start our final projects because it offers broad online marketing strategies that can be applied to any campaign. I found it to be an interesting comparison because it reminded me of the fact that online marketing is a personal experience for each user, which is an easy thing to overlook when you are trying to target large groups of consumers.

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8 Responses to How Online Marketing is like Online Dating

  1. pmorton says:

    I actually saw a whitty marketing poster in a building that had to do with this. It related to how a common pick up line can be changed in order to market differently. Very interesting!

  2. jstein6 says:

    It seems like the commonality is that you are selling something in both scenarios. In one, it’s your product and in the other it’s yourself. Building trust and differentiating the value brought to the table works in both cases. Not only does this apply to dating, but I feel it applies to the job market as well. Building a relationship in an interview is not easy but following the central strategies of a good marketer can go a long way.

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