How to make a viral video

This is a clip from one of my favorite TV shows, Nathan for You. The show revolves around Nathan Fielder, a business “expert”, offering “advice” to struggling businesses on how to improve their business.

In this episode, Nathan works with a petting zoo. Nathan’s strategy is to create a viral video involving two animals from the petting zoo in order to attract more visitors. His reasoning behind this was that people won’t go to this particular petting zoo unless there was a good reason to. Seeing a “hero” animal who went viral would be that reason to¬†go to this petting zoo over others.

As you can see, the clip was a hilarious attempt at making a viral video.
I definitely would recommend this show, but not using this technique in making a viral video.

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  1. Here is another good example of “engineered” virality, similar to what we discussed in class.

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