Influencer Houses

I came across this article about how influencer marketing is evolving and firms are now specializing in this type of marketing. Influencer marketing is the use of individuals with a large social media following to market products, especially consumer goods.

This summer I worked at a PR agency and one of my tasks was to identify and communicate with influencers that would be a good fit to market one of our clients. In my opinion, this was a very efficient and targeted way to guarantee our products would be seen by potential buyers.

This article talks about the concept of an “Influencer House”, coined by Jonathan Long, the founder of blerrp, an influencer marketing firm. He will be inviting influencers to a South Florida, where they can stay free of charge. In this house, there were be many opportunities for content creation. Should be an interesting project to keep up with.



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  1. This is a really interesting article that builds on a lot of what we discussed in class. It is getting harder to get people’s attention online, and this seems like a very good route to reach new customers.

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