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This article was shared on LinkedIn and I found a lot of these stats to be crazy because they go against common perception.

Some of the stats are very easy to believe, such as the fact that Google and Facebook account for 63% of all digital ad sales this year. However, I was very surprised by the fact that Yelp will make almost $60 million more in ad sales than Snapchat this year. Being a millennial I am on Snapchat often, and I never use Yelp. Snapchat receives much more traffic on a day-to-day basis so I was surprised that they couldn’t convert more of this to ad sales.

Another fact I found interesting from this article was that over 3,000 Facebook ads were purchased by a Russian entity known as the Internet Research Agency. This is a huge shift in the advertisement space because some people feel that this had an influence over voters. This is the first election in which digital ads have had such an influence on an election. This could mark a shift in the future in which this becomes a strategy for both sides in future elections.

The rest of the article had a few more interesting facts, and I am glad I came across it this morning.

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  1. I I think that a key difference between Yelp and Snapchat is that people on Yelp are looking to engage with a business, so this is a very valuable group of people to reach. People using Snapchat are typically not looking to engage with a business, so the return on advertising is likely lower.

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