Page Speed Matters in SEO

As we saw in class today, many aspects matter regarding how Google’s algorithm ranks your webpage. There is one aspect that I find particularly exciting, and it is that Google considers the page speed as a search ranking factor. So, web page developers not only have to be careful about the content, title and keywords used on the webpages, but also about making it fast. It is said that more than 3 seconds is considered slow nowadays (Lincoln, 2017). Also, as we saw in class, mobile experiences are changing the game. Google is considering taking into account mobile page speed in addition to traditional page speed. This makes developer jobs even more difficult. It seems that as time passes by, Google’s algorithm becomes more comprehensive and this creates new challenges for business, especially for small ones that may do all by themselves.

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  1. These are great points. Google doesn’t just care about content, but also ease of use, and if your page is slow, it will hurt your rankings.

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