China defends state control over internet at technology forum

I believe this article is very relevant to the current net neutrality debate that is happening. China has held strict government regulations over their internet and is in favor of each country having their own sovereignty when it comes to internet regulation. As the article states, “Over the past year, China has vowed to eliminate virtual private networks (VPNs), the technology that allows people inside China to access platforms on the global Internet that have been blocked by Chinese censors, including Google, Facebook, and many of the world’s largest English-language newspapers.”

This is a scary vision for the internet globally. A beauty of the internet is the availability and accessibility to all individuals. It would be very scary if the government could control what information we can share with each other.

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What Facebook is going to be in 10 years ?

This article can be a possible answer to the question we were asking ourselves during the last class. What Facebook will be in 10 years ?

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What Facebook is doing with our data ?

I found this article interesting after the discussion we had in class about what social networks are doing with our data. We can see that even if you are not using Facebook, it is still possible for it to collect your data and use it. It is scary when you think about it !

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Algorithms, Advertising, and Consumer Behavior on Snapchat

Snapchat Is Taking a Page From Facebook’s Playbook to Grow Into a Bona Fide Social Media Platform

Discussed here is an interesting development in the world of social media. Snapchat, forever competing with Facebook for both consumer attention and advertiser’s dollars, is adjusting its algorithm to be more like Facebook’s. Soon, it will feature a news feed that suggests content, such as specific stories and snaps, based on what you have previously viewed.

A clear concern is that of Facebook’s mom dilemma. If my mom or another relative is my friend on snapchat, and she watches my story, will my story then only be showed to other relatives? Snapchat says it solved this problem by designing its algorithm to be based on your views, not the views of your friends. But, does that mean if my mom posts a lot of stories, and I usually watch them, will she always be the first to appear in my news feed?

This article also discusses the potential benefits of the news feed to advertisers, although the exact benefits remain unclear. Overall, Snapchat still lacks a way in which consumers can directly respond to ads they are served. Still, the ads on Snapchat, especially the extensive content on the Discover page, appear to me to be the best example of online advertising. I cannot think of any other ad that has engaged me the way the Discover stories do on Snapchat. Currently, I think they have the best platform for native, non-annoying advertising. If they can break the barrier of direct response, they will hit the advertising jackpot.

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Why Facebook Will Never Die

1. Facebook has already gone through the most difficult time period for companies that have matured and has only come out stronger. Years ago when it was reaching saturation with our generation it seemed like Facebook was destined to fail but instead it broke into past generations and future generations in a big way. Our parents are on it and so are middle schoolers, bridging that gap makes Facebook almost invincible. It has grown every single quarter for the last 10 years in active users which is an unheard of accomplishment. At over 2 billion monthly users the next closest website is youtube at 1.5 billion which is an unsurmountable 33% gap.

2. It still has so much room for growth and expansion. Half of the world’s population still has difficulty accessing the internet or can’t access it at all. That gives Facebook the potential to double its size. The internet is reaching more and more people every year with Facebook as one of the companies driving that change. To all of these people Facebook will be one of the first things that they experience on the internet and will give them a medium to express themselves and connect unlike any other they have ever seen.

3. Mark Zuckerberg. Nuff said.

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Is it Time to Cut Back?

Sometimes, less is more. The evolution of Social Media Marketing rapidly changes and the new trend is cutting back on posting content. Instead of posting more content, companies should focus on the timing of their content and creating concise posts that get their point across and are straightforward.

Tracking results is arguably one of the most important factors of Social Media Marketing because it allows companies to understand what information is most interesting to consumers which allows them to tailor the information that they post.

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Organic Social Media Marketing

A debate as to whether or not Social Media Marketing is effective has begun to revolve around organic posts. The reported number of companies using Social Media for online marketing is at an all-time high and consumers want real information and interaction with suppliers, not just paid posts.


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What many people don’t know is that blockchain can be used for much more than just cryptocurrency. This article talks about how blockchain can take away the uncertainty when buying ad space and promise infinitely better online security. Blockchain can allow ad agencies and companies to see who saw their ad, when they saw it, and what they did after seeing it. This is great because it takes the guesswork out of buying ad space. A company can now buy an ad and know the value they are getting instead of just hoping it hits the number of people that were promised.

Also, blockchain provides an incredible amount of privacy for a companies information. Every year, so many companies information is hacked, leaking their customers’ personal information such as credit card numbers. If a company were to use blockchain to keep their information secure, they would add more value their service and could market themselves as such.

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Chobani Undertaking a Brand Redesign

Chobani is undertaking a redesign to stand out among several yogurt brands. The yogurt aisle is apparently a sea of “sameness” so Chobani is looking to create a new packaging that stands out. Chief Creative Officer, Leland Maschmeyer, describes the new packaging as “enchanting” and “sprinkled in fairy dust.” I think Chobani is making a good move by branding in this manner. It brings a positive feel to a light snack and differentiates them among the yogurt aisle. We will soon see if the designs are as good as they want them to be.

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Snapchat as a useful tool for businesses

When thinking about social media networks in which businesses can do their marketing we mostly think of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+. However, Snapchat can also be a good tool that business can use. This social network can be used by businesses for more than just adding stories that will disappear in a certain time; Snapchat’s geofilters may be used for getting people to be aware of a brand. “The ability to create, customize, and set a geofilter to a particular area makes it a great tool for businesses to advertise their products or services using customer-generated content” (Gilgus, 2017). For the filter to be successful it must be visually appealing without being too obstructive so that Snapchat users decide to use them in the images they send. For example, Gilgus (2017), worker of the marketing and PR agency Online Optimism, says that businesses in New Orleans have a great potential to use this feature as they can create filters related to festivals and carnivals that display the name of their company together with high quality graphics related to the festivities. As we did not talk about Snapchat in class as we did with other social media networks, I found interesting to notice that there are other options that businesses may not be taking advantage of.

Gilgus, S. (2017). Snapchat for Businesses in New Orleans. Retrieved from

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