How Online Marketing is like Online Dating

This article highlights how many important elements of online marketing are similar to online dating. I thought this article would be useful for the class to read as we start our final projects because it offers broad online marketing strategies that can be applied to any campaign. I found it to be an interesting comparison because it reminded me of the fact that online marketing is a personal experience for each user, which is an easy thing to overlook when you are trying to target large groups of consumers.

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Facebook vs. Twitter

USA Today came out with an interesting article comparing Facebook to Snapchat and how teens are using Snapchat more often than Facebook. The article mentioned that Facebook is more for adults and Snapchat is more for teens. This article relates back to what we have been learning in class because in order to do a proper social media campaign, you need to know who uses what form of social media. It is crucial to understand the benefits and downside to each form of social media. However, I am curious how companies can use Snapchat to their benefit? Would it be through ads/stories? How does that compare to Facebook displaying ads on their site?

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The 6 Most Effective Social Media Metrics To Understand

This is a very interesting article about social media metrics in addition to what we discussed in class. The key point we have to remember is that it depends on the campaign which metrics are more important to look at. It all depends on what the Goal of the campaign is. Since there are a lot of different metrics available it is essential to determine the critical few, otherwise we can quickly get lost in the metrics and the amount of data.

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Russia Uses Twitter Bots to Influence the Brexit Vote Too


Yesterday, it came out that Russian bots allegedly used social media to interfere with the 2016 Brexit vote, not only the U.S. Election. When the UK voted to separate from the EU, most were shocked. This may be influenced by the fact that Russia reportedly used Twitter and Facebook to sway voters to say yes. In the days leading up to the vote, over 150,000 Russian Twitter accounts redirected their focus to be on Brexit.

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Do Page Likes Still Matter On Facebook?

This article relates to what we have been talking about in class regarding Facebook and what a Facebook like means. The article provides details about the evolution of the like and how over time certain features have been adapted. It also talks about how the meaning of a like has changed and is no longer as valuable as it once was.

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7-Step Social Media Advertising Strategy to Better Performing Ads

I think this article goes into great detail for each step which I think help clearly explains how to improve social media advertising. I think Step 5, have a specific funnel for users arriving from ads has a great graph that perfectly illustrates this step.

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Another example of a simple viral catch phrase

Backtracking a bit in terms of what we are learning in class, I came across an article about how a simple catchphrase can go viral.

Above is a link to a new Bud Light campaign. The people in the commercial say “dilly dilly” every time they ‘cheers’ while drinking Bud Light. Those who do not bring Bud Light to the king are shunned and get taken away by the guards and sent to ‘the pit of misery’.

While it may seem simple and too good to be true, I have seen “Dilly Dilly” be used first hand by my friends as well as seen it online used by famous people such as athletes.

Bud Light came up with a simple catchphrase that people can use and share in a happy setting. Saying “Dilly Dilly” in a medieval accent like the video above has turned into a revolution. Good job, Bud Light.

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91-year old woman at same company for 71 years says she’ll retire when they ‘carry me out in a box’

In current millennials people go from jobs to jobs in order to climb up the ladder in an industry to get to where you want to be. Elena is showing loyalty and dedication to this company by continuously waking up and being excited to go to work after 71 straight years. This just shows how much a companies culture can help adapt ones life and make them excited to come to work everyday. I would love to work in a working environment that I am happy to contribute daily to.

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The Four Most Popular Myths about Paid Advertising

This Forbes article includes the four most popular myths about paid advertising. I found it to be very interesting that the number one myth is that the top ad position is not always the best. The second and third ad positions are actually the best receiving more clicks. Before reading this article, I would have assumed it was the other way around.

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8 Rules for Google’s Search Engine Optimization

This Forbe’s article list 8 crucial rules for optimizing and dominating search results on Google. It is interesting that the first rule is about trust. It is fascinating that even computers are capable of realizing which links are organic and trustworthy, and which websites are trying to “cheat the system” in order to rank higher on Google.


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