The Downfall of Using Twitter for Social Media Marketing

This article caught my eye because we have talked a lot about Twitter during class. I thought it made some really good points, because I have seen Twitter become less popular amongst my peers throughout the years. I also found it interesting that the article mentions the rise of “old-school media” through short videos that show activities such as cooking a meal. The article mentions how Twitter is struggling to catch up with other popular marketing platforms. In addition, it talks about another topic we have covered in class, the utilization of behavior tracking and how any existing publishing platform has the ability to target consumers if marketers have knowledge of their consumers’ behaviors and action tendencies.

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One Response to The Downfall of Using Twitter for Social Media Marketing

  1. To me the key paragraph of the article is: “The dominance of celebrities has made Twitter more of a megaphone for the famous and less useful to me as an information and communications tool. Twitter once directly connected me to peers and to information that I could not get elsewhere. It no longer does that.” I think that it nicely illustrates how Twitter has changed over time, and the issues it will have to deal with to stay relevant.

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