Unethical Marketing


Something that struck me in this class is our discussion on marketing as it relates to ethics. We college students live in a fascinating time where marketers and companies have reaches and capabilities beyond our wildest imaginations. How would you know that a woman is pregnant just based on her internet searches? Would it then be ethical to go ahead and take that info to advertise certain items to make a profit? While I could go on endlessly about this topic I just wanted to share a Forbes article about ethics in marketing that includes some of the topics we have discussed as well as some other topics that are very interesting.

Technology is an amazing thing but where do we draw the line in terms of the capabilities we give companies to watch us on the internet and make business decisions from that?

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One Response to Unethical Marketing

  1. As we discussed in class, I think what makes this topic so difficult it that there isn’t a clear line in the sand defining what it ethical or isn’t. Instead, there is a large gray area of uncertainty where it could go either way.

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