Videos keep getting more important in social media marketing

Every day I look at my Facebook’s Home, and I have realized that people keep sharing videos much more than before. I keep getting ad videos or I get ads in between interesting videos of cooking recipes or others. I was thinking that almost a year ago, pictures tended to be more common, but now everyone is sharing videos. I decided to search and I found an interesting article. It says that “Webdam reported that 79% of Internet traffic will be video content by 2018, and posts with videos get 3x the number of inbound links than plain text posts.” (Krasniak, 2017).  It also shows how brands are using live videos, which helps them to reduce costs as no one expects a live video to be perfectly polished and of an excellent quality. However, videos obviously must have interesting and useful content. It seems that this new trend is a great opportunity for companies, as videos can give a lot of information and may be funnier and more engaging than written posts.  This article gives insights about other topics of visual content in social and online marketing, so it is worthy to read.

References: Krasniak, M. (2017). Visual Content and Social Media Marketing: New Research. Retrieved from

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  1. This is an interesting trend. I wonder whether it will continue, or if at some point people will get bored of videos and move on to something else.

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