Why Facebook Will Never Die

1. Facebook has already gone through the most difficult time period for companies that have matured and has only come out stronger. Years ago when it was reaching saturation with our generation it seemed like Facebook was destined to fail but instead it broke into past generations and future generations in a big way. Our parents are on it and so are middle schoolers, bridging that gap makes Facebook almost invincible. It has grown every single quarter for the last 10 years in active users which is an unheard of accomplishment. At over 2 billion monthly users the next closest website is youtube at 1.5 billion which is an unsurmountable 33% gap.

2. It still has so much room for growth and expansion. Half of the world’s population still has difficulty accessing the internet or can’t access it at all. That gives Facebook the potential to double its size. The internet is reaching more and more people every year with Facebook as one of the companies driving that change. To all of these people Facebook will be one of the first things that they experience on the internet and will give them a medium to express themselves and connect unlike any other they have ever seen.

3. Mark Zuckerberg. Nuff said.

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2 Responses to Why Facebook Will Never Die

  1. I’m not sure about never, but I agree that Facebook is here to stay for a while.

  2. ngleber says:

    It is scary how much Facebook has infiltrated users everyday lives. I would agree that it will truly never go away, but perhaps it will evolve into something entirely different.

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