Why Word of Mouth Marketing is the Most Important Social Media


I really enjoyed this article about Word of Mouth Marketing. It goes into detail on why companies need to focus on this strategy of marketing and not ignore these conversations that are happening. Companies are often too worried about collecting social media fans and forget about connecting with them. The article introduces the idea of the 3 Es, Engage, Equip, and Empower which are the keys to a strong WOMM strategy.

Engage: Listen to what your consumers are saying and be a part of the conservation

Equip: Give consumers a reason to talk (have exceptional service or amazing products)

Empower: Show consumers that they are important to you and sharing their opinions is important to you.

I thought that this concept of the 3 Es was very interesting and captures the approach and attitude that companies need to have towards WOMM to be successful.

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  1. Another great example about how WOM can and should be managed.

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