Your Online Ads Are Creeping Out Your Customers

I know we aren’t talking about the creepiness of targeted ads until this week, but I came across this article and thought I would share.

Recently there has been a study on how consumers view targeted ads, and even though we as consumers are aware of how creepy it is, I thought it was very interesting to read about an actual experiment that showed that sentiment. Essentially, researchers found that customers who get targeted ads based on their internet browsing history and personal information are not reacting as well to those ads as expected. The study shows that these negative feelings, based on the “creepiness level” of an ad, accounted for a 5% drop in the customers intent to purchases whatever was being promoted in the ad.  I am excited to hear what all of you think about ads that seems especially targeted and how this topic effects brand perceptions.

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One Response to Your Online Ads Are Creeping Out Your Customers

  1. We talked about this briefly in class, but there absolutely is a line between a well targeted ad and a creepy one, and you don’t want to cross that line.

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